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In year 5…


Welcome to 2018

As part of our Science topic on life cycles, Year 2 were lucky enough to have an incubator installed with duck eggs. Sadly, our ducks didn’t not hatch so we had a delivery of chicken eggs instead. We are now really excited to announce the hatching of 7 chicks in our classroom. On Monday 19th March the first chick pipped and Egg Sheeran hatched once the children had gone home. By Tuesday morning five more had hatched to surprise the children when they got to school that day and Pickle, our seventh chick, hatched mid-morning while the children were in their lesson. The children love having them in the classroom to enhance their learning about the life cycles and they are also learning about how to care for the birds. We can’t to watch them grow and see the changes that they go through!

On 8 February,

Year 2 had the opportunity to  work with Simon Small and his team from Southampton Sight who came in to run a series of workshops to raise awareness for people with visual impairments. Simon, who used to work at Sinclair Nursery, has developed this program to help children understand what a visual impairment is, what it would be like to live with a visual impairment and what equipment and aids are available to help people with visual impairments. We thoroughly enjoyed our interactive sessions with Southampton Sight and we can’t wait to share what we learned with our families!


Year 2 Visit to Beaulieu

During the first Spring Term Year two were incredibly lucky to be able to visit the beautiful Palace House, it’s gardens and of course the fascinating Beaulieu Motor Museum.

Dressed as Victorian school children for the day the children were plunged back in time as we entered Palace House. “Children should be seen not heard in Victorian times” rang a strict voice upon entry. The boys weren’t the least bit impressed as they always had to line up behind the girls. During our time in Palace House we learnt about Lord Montagu and his family. Did you know that in Victorian time’s children left school at 10 to work? We were introduced to the jobs of a Footman and a house maid which were commonly carried out by children.

After this we were shown around the Palace gardens by Lady Maria. She introduced us to the wide variety of crops and plants that are grown there. We also visited the Motor Museum where we had great fun wandering around the cars. We went on the ‘Wheels’ ride which took us back in time and guided us through the evolution of the modern car.”

In year R

Exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ has been so much fun!

In English we created story maps, to help us learn the story and the different characters. We then created instructions for Goldilocks to make her own porridge. In maths, we explored number recognition up to 10, using counting bears, we made sure to count the bears carefully one by one.

Porridge making was great fun! Following instructions we created yummy porridge, it was super tasty. A picture has been put in our learning journeys for our family to enjoy.
We have now started learning our Phase 2 sounds, each sound has an action and we look forward to teaching all our parents on Friday in the ‘Phonics Workshop’.

Next week, more bears, but this time “We’re going on a bear hunt”

“First full week of full time school complete and we have had an amazing time! This week we have been focusing on rules and routines. We have all adjusted brilliantly and got to learn the school day. We all have enjoyed rotating around different ‘jobs’ in the morning, practising and learning new skills, and the afternoons have been full of fun in busy bee. We’ve learnt the routine of lunchtime and we are growing in confidence on the ‘big’ playground. We have continued to form good relationships with our teachers and our friends. We are beginning to understand our school behaviour chart and we have enjoyed moving our pegs up!

Thank you to our parents for providing us with all our PE kits, welly boots and spare clothes. Next week we look forward to exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

We have all settled into Year R this week, getting to know our teachers and teaching assistants. We have explored our classroom, outside area, library and look forward to exploring the rest of the school.
In maths we have been investigating shape, number and showing our teachers what we know. In English we have enjoyed looking at different sounds and practising writing our names. We have all been given a Lilac reading book to practise our reading skills at home and in school. We have also been issued a library book to enjoy. We have all created a beautiful family portrait, which are now on display in our Art area. We enjoyed sharing our ‘All About Me’ box and all our lovely photos have been added to our learning journeys.

Thank you to our parents for attending the parent workshops and we look forward to being in full time next week.” 

In Year Six we are working on mapping in our Geography lessons.

We will be exploring changes and relationships during PSHE time. We will be heading off to the west-country for our residential adventure.

This will be our last term at primary school and although we will be sad to leave this part of our journey behind, our adventure continues and we will embrace it, equipped with the tools and skills that we have acquired during our time spent in primary.

 Junior Choir

“A big well done to the Sinclair Junior Choir who performed for the first time to friends and family on Tuesday. They sounded brilliant!”

In summer 1 Year 5 was investigating the Victorians, and what life was like for Victorian children at school and at home.

We looked at the timeline of this long-lived Monach and drew comparisons between Victorian life and our own experiences.

We were also lucky enough to have been loaned a victorian artefact box from The Southampton Sea City Museum. We explored victorian life through handling and observing real artefacts. The children used their inference skills to find out what they were used for and what each artefact was.

This may be a good place to look to explore more  – http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/victorian_britain/

In Science we explored the Solar System and visited Winchester Science Centre to further investigate the workings of our solar system and its place in the Galaxy.



In the last week of Summer 1 term, Year 5 visited the Winchester Science Centre. We had great fun exploring the museum and the different exhibitions they had on show. You can see some of the exhibitions in our pictures below.
We also took part in an egg drop workshop. For this task, we were given an egg and some different materials. Our job was to create a casing for the egg to protect it so that when we dropped it, it wouldn’t crack. Not all the eggs survived the drop! During the workshop we learnt about how gravity and air resistance can affect how an object falls and of course, had lots of fun!

We also travelled all the way around our solar system during the planetarium show. We learnt lots about the different planets and our galaxy The Milky Way.We couldn’t wait to get back to school to tell all our friends and family.


Year 5 have been learning about shapes in Maths.

We love using pin boards to make different types of triangles and irregular shapes!

Duck update 3 April 2017

Mrs Montague kindly took care of our ducks (Petal, Rascal, The Dark Knight and Gary) for the weekend! Here is her diary entry…it sounded like lots of fun!

On Friday four lovely ducks came to stay at my house.

We packed their weekend hay and feed, then off we went in the car to The Forest.

On Saturday, the ducks had a lovely time swimming in the kitchen sink while they were cleaned out…lots of quacking and splashing. I gave them a bigger dish to swim and wash in and several of them could fit in at a time… lots of fun! They ate and ate and I could literally see them growing before my very eyes!

On Sunday, they had really settled in and were racing around their pen…The day was full of racing around and then lots of naps. The little ducks scutched up in the corner and snuggled for lots of sleeps. Once they woke, they ran and raced.Super fun.

On Monday I got up super early at 5am to clean them all out so they were super fresh for their journey back to Sinclair. What a great weekend!

In Spring 2, fantastic 4 are focusing on France in Geography. Within this, we focus on food, culture, transport and the location of different cities. If you would like to complete some research on France together at home, please use this link as a starting point:


This week, we have been enjoying taking part in Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp competition. Children from all year groups were tasked with designing their very own stamp which represented ‘What does the Christmas season mean to me?’ We had a fantastic number of entries which have been sent to Royal Mail for judging. We are now eagerly waiting to hear if any of our entries have made it to the final stages! Here is a selection of the entries submitted.

Spring 1

In year 3 we are aiming to develop our independence, taking on more responsibility for our own learning. Watch as we work through the Reading Challenge earning ourselves house points and rewards. Also we are developing our timetable skills. How many Titans can we defeat this year?

In the Spring term we will be looking at Ancient Egypt. This exciting topic will include a trip down the Egypt timeline discovering all about the great rulers. We will delve into ancient Egyptian ritual learning all about the many Egyptian gods. Even having a go at printing our name’s in Hieroglyphics. Jump on board with us for an exciting ( and slightly gruesome) journey back in time.

These links will give you a taste of what’s to come.



Other topics this term include the Fantastic Mr Fox. In our literacy lessons we will be holding a class debate on who is in the wrong … the farmers or the fox? Develop your debating skills for this important matter! Within science we are getting our Newton brains on, learning all about forces and magnets.

Year 5 have got a brand new set of dictionaries and thesauruses. We love them!

We have been using them lots to improve the vocabulary in our writing.

“They’re really useful!” Hannah

Year 3 have been performing gymnastics this term. They have been focusing on body management, which involves balance, coordination and flexibility. These fundamental skills are important for all sports and activities in PE and their learning this half-term will help them develop in other areas of the PE curriculum.
Year 3 Gym


Fundraising for this years Rock Challenge is underway.

Your School Council minutes

Fantastic Mr Fox!  – The Nuffield Theatre

Year 3 took their comfy seats, for the viewing of Fantastic Mr Fox at the Nuffield Theatre in Southampton. All the children had a great time and really enjoyed the show, especially when Mr Fox had his tail shot off!


They will be studying this book in the Spring term for their next unit of writing…. and they are really looking forward to it!

For more information about the Nuffield Theatre and Fantastic Mr FoX CLICK HERE

On Monday 15th November, Year 5 took part in a special Arts workshop based on Artwork by Stuart Whipps, as part of the British Arts Show.


We used body percussion to represent the journey of a car, like in the 2006 Honda advert.


We made our own compositions and recorded them with our own symbols.


For more information about the Arts Show, visit https://britishartshow8.com/

Mary Rose update Year 5 report –

After our trip to the Mary Rose we had Tudor artefacts in our classroom.
We had to make observations and infer what they may have been used for. Can you guess any?
pt2-b pt2-c pt2-f
This piece of rope and wood are real artefacts from the Mary Rose. It was very smelly because it had been treated to preserve it.

As the festivities of Bonfire night approaches…

please take time to share this wonderful story with your children to get them thinking about their own safety during this exciting time of year.

Attention Year R Parents…

… we have put together some exciting home challenges for our year R pupils to work on at home to show you the skills they have been working on at school. Please check out the Year R curriculum area. CLICK HERE

In year R we have all settled in well.

We adore coming to school where we have made many new friends. Our learning is focused around bear books this term. This week we have read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We have had the chance to make and try some porridge! Everyone enjoyed it and many even asked for seconds. During week 6 we are reading Going on a Bear Hunt and a drama group is coming to take us on a bear hunt adventure! Year R can’t wait to continue their learning journey at Sinclair.

School Council

Our School Councillors met with School Councillors from across the Partnership. Read more here.

Terrible Tudors
On Friday 30th September, Year 5 visited the Mary Rose Museum.

We saw Henry VIII’s ship, the Mary Rose.
It was dark in the museum to protect the boat wreckage and the artefacts.

We saw skeletons, bones and Tudor artefacts.

We planned attacks between the French and the English.

We dressed up in Tudor clothing.

We had such a good time that some of us feel asleep on the way home.

Learning Opportunities


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