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Late/Absence Procedures

We encourage a high level of attendance and punctuality at Sinclair.


If your child is absent for reasons of sickness, please let the school office know promptly by telephone or in writing. We are required to keep records of all absences.


If you wish to take your child out of school for any other reason you will need to seek authorisation from the Headteacher. A form is available for this purpose in the school office. Authorisation cannot usually be given after the event. 


Regular attendance at school is vital for children’s education. Unauthorised absences are followed up by the school inclusion social worker and persistent cases are followed up by the Education Welfare Officer.


A Penalty Notice will be issued by post to a pupil’s home, after one warning letter. Cases of unauthorised absence include pupils caught on Truancy Sweeps, persistent late attendance after the register has closed, internal truanting from lessons and unauthorised holiday. In the case of unauthorised holiday a Penalty Notice may be issued straight away, without a warning letter.


Penalty Notices provide an alternative to prosecution under s444(1) of the Education Act 1996 and payment within 28 days of receipt of a Penalty Notice is £60 and if it remains unpaid after 28 days the amount will increase to £120. If a Penalty Notice remains unpaid after 42 days, the case will progress to Magistrates Court for the original offence of poor school attendance; this can mean a fine of up to £2,500


Good attendance is rewarded with raffle tickets to enter a prize draw for a family treat. 100% attendance at the end of every term is rewarded with cake with Mrs Montague.