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A message from The Honeypots Children's Charity

Look at the lovely video that Viv and Bumble sent us, all the way from Honeypot Children's Charity! All 4 of our partnership schools held a sponsored skip, and together, we raised over £4,500 for the charity, which is astounding!


Please  CLICK HERE  to see the video message.


Did you know...


A £10 donation to Honeypot could pay for arts and crafts materials for a playbus session for 12 children.

A £20 donation to Honeypot could pay for a Christmas present, for a child who may not otherwise receive any presents.

A £50 donation to Honeypot could give a child a day's respite break at Honeypot House.

A £100 donation to Honeypot could fund an outing for 12 Honeypot cihldren during a respite holiday at Honeypot house

A £475 donation could provide a year of support for a Honeypot child and change their life forever!


Imagine what Honeypots could do with our partnership donation of more than £4,500! Well done to everyone who took part in the skip and raised money for the charity. 


You can find out more about the fantastic work that Honeypot provide at:


Well done to everyone!