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Artwork for Brookvale

Artwork for Brookvale

At Sinclair, we are passionate about supporting others. Following Christmas, we have been thinking about people within our community and places that provide sanctuary for them. We have been thinking about the elderly and how at this time of year the Christmas lights disappear and the days are still cold, wet and dark. It made us think about how challenging it must be to get outside and enjoy nature at this time. We reached out to Brookvale Care Home and asked them if they would be interested in some artwork we have created that focuses on ‘bringing the outside in’ and adding some colour to their residential home.

‘I’m happy that we’ve done this so that people in the care home can enjoy it and have it to cheer them up. It’s kind to make a difference.’

Evie, Year 5

Our house captains created a theme and generated ideas to share with their house with Mrs Morgan. Read on to find out more about what we have been up to…

‘We wanted the 4 house pieces to look similar but have their own unique design. We wanted the pieces to be bright and abstract. Something that people could look at for a long time and see something new each time.’

Lilli - School council chair

 The children considered that 4 separate pieces would mean that the pieces could be displayed together or in different places within the home, depending on what they needed. We wanted to include 4 keywords that represent sanctuary and for everyone to take part. The children felt passionate about something where we could all contribute together. The house captains decided upon the themed words of: joy, hope, care and peace.’

Mrs Morgan

We have shared images of the pieces being created with Brookvale and their residents. We hope that they enjoyed hearing about what we were up to as much as we have enjoyed creating it!



Our final pieces


‘We were hoping to show peace through a forest scene. Being in nature is calming because of the peace. We hoped that the animals would be interesting made from different colours. You have to look closely to see them.’

Maisie - Test house captain

‘We chose a tree and we wanted to show that although it might be bare, many things still rely on the nature and there are beautiful things there.’

Malek - Itchen house captain


‘Our piece focused on Care. We are passionate about people caring for each other and the world we live in.’

Olivia - Hamble house captain


‘Our piece was Joy. We wanted our image to remind the residents of happy memories and holidays. We wanted to remind them of joyful moments and that our picture might help them to connect with this feeling.’

Chiquita - Beaulieu house captain


We are excited to receive an update from the residents and carers at Brookvale care home and we can’t wait to see how they have displayed our artwork!