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Beating the Bounds and Court Leet Ceremonies

Beating the Bounds and Court Leet Ceremonies


We were very honoured to be invited by the Sheriff of Southampton, to join the ‘Beating the Bounds’ and ‘Court Leet’ ceremonies on Tuesday 12th October. These are ancient historical ceremonies dating back at least 800 years.


12 of our children joined myself and Mrs Wood to meet the Sheriff, her aide and the Town Cryer at the Bargate. Here we were also joined by a Tour Guide who gave us all the history of the Bargate and the city walls.


At the old city walls we took part in the ‘Beating the Bounds’ ceremony where each of us were given a stick to ‘beat’ the walls marking out the boundaries of Southampton.

We then processed back to the Civic Centre and had refreshments in the Council Chambers. We were shown both the Mayor and Sheriff’s rooms. 


At 10:45 we made our way to the Court Leet.  Here two of our Y6 School Council Reps shared a concern around our school. We chose to talk about the parking. The jury voted to consider this issue and to let us know if they are able to support us in any way.


Following the ‘Court Leet’, we had a special ceremony in the Council Chambers where the children were presented with a certificate and medal.  Finally we were given a special lunch.


The children were excellent ambassadors for the school and made us very proud!


Mrs Olney