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Duck update 3 April 2017

Mrs Montague kindly took care of our ducks (Petal, Rascal, The Dark Knight and Gary) for the weekend! Here is her diary entry…it sounded like lots of fun!


On Friday four lovely ducks came to stay at my house.


We packed their weekend hay and feed, then off we went in the car to The Forest.


On Saturday, the ducks had a lovely time swimming in the kitchen sink while they were cleaned out…lots of quacking and splashing. I gave them a bigger dish to swim and wash in and several of them could fit in at a time… lots of fun! They ate and ate and I could literally see them growing before my very eyes!


On Sunday, they had really settled in and were racing around their pen…The day was full of racing around and then lots of naps. The little ducks scutched up in the corner and snuggled for lots of sleeps. Once they woke, they ran and raced.Super fun.

On Monday I got up super early at 5am to clean them all out so they were super fresh for their journey back to Sinclair. What a great weekend!