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Duck Update Year 2

Day 10 - 

We now have a total of 6 ducks - Oreo and Diamond were the last to hatch!

We have been measuring the ducks and looking at changes in their height and weight. The Year 2 children have been very helpful with helping to clean out the brooder, as our ducks are very messy! Our ducks also had their first swim this week - it was amazing to watch how quickly they took to the water!


Day 3- We have 4 lovely little ducklings that have hatched so far in Year 2! We have named them Bowser, Donald, Henrietta and Foxie!


We were lucky enough to watch Bowser pipping and hatch out of his egg during school time, it was mesmerising! All the ducklings were very tired after hatching, but once warm and dry, we moved them from the incubator into the brooder, where we will be learning how to take care of them.