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eLearning Arrangements and General Update

19th March 2020


Dear All


eLearning Arrangements and General Update


I do hope you and your family are safe and well. This has been a very sombre Easter for many families. We have all watched the news and listened to our own families’ experiences and seen our communities strengthen. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered and lost someone beloved to them. We continue to thank our many brave and wonderful parents for their selfless work on the front line. We also thank those who are able to choose to keep their children at home.


The Government’s guidance is very clear; children are safer at home and where this is possible, this must happen. We continue to offer emergency day care for those with no other option. If shift patterns can be adjusted to cover childcare, your child is safer at home. If you are already working from home, we thank you for keeping your child safe at home, we are emergency day care.


Children are not mixing. Children are sitting 2m apart in the hall - undertaking desk-based tasks and there are opportunities for segregated fresh air. Children are not at an advantage as we have to keep them 2m apart at all times, this is not ideal. This is the reality of emergency day care.

I continue in my duty to protect my staff, children and to support critical workers whose role is pivotal to the fight against Covid 19. But I will continue to challenge through a rigorous screening system, whether a place is truly required for a child. I thank you for your support and understanding. Through staying home, we are playing our part in fighting this deadly virus.


Social distancing at 2m+ is critical to stopping more people dying. The message is clear… Stay Home, Protect The NHS, Save lives.


Update - Learning for your child:


Partnership Learning Platform - Monday sees the launch of our new Partnership Learning Platform. You child will be able to visit the portal and see their daily timetable for their year group. They will be able to watch a Maths lesson which includes mental maths and a main concept teach and an English lesson with SPAG, spelling and a main concept teach. They will then be led to undertake a range of tasks associated with this learning. They can then continue on the broad range of resources and stories that we have on offer. We hope to offer more project-based foundation tasks as we move forwards this term.


Class Teacher Tutorial - Teachers will be calling their class weekly initially. Class teachers will be making tutorial calls home to talk with your child about their learning. We continue to focus on getting as much high-quality content online as possible.


A refresher on how will it work…. Your child’s class teacher will call on a “Private Number”, between 9 – 12. It will last around 10 minutes and focus on the learning platform use / tasks. Weekly calls will be booked in before the end of the call.


Storybook Access - Stories read by teachers and support staff from across the partnership are now available to select and share on our ‘Partnership Learning Platform’.




Food – our whole school community has worked throughout this past period - I hesitate to call it a holiday as we are in very different, more urgent times and I am sure that neither you in the community or our staff have experienced a holiday in reality.  I would like to thank the office teams and senior team, who have worked tirelessly to organise the Government’s food voucher system. The system, as you might imagine, has been overwhelmed so thank you for your patients with this.  I thank them for their unceasing, and often unnoticed focus on our families


ELSA -  I have deployed our ELSA team and they are telephoning home to talk with their children on a regular basis.


Child and Family Support - Senior Team continue to participate in child protection meetings via zoom. Vulnerable children are discussed regularly in weekly zoom partnership meetings. Our Partnership Support Worker and Nurse, continues to link in with our families in need - calling a broad range of our families to offer support on a daily or weekly basis.


Vulnerable Worries – All families have very different support mechanisms in place and as a school we are working really hard on the range of support we could offer across the community. All of this is done in a highly confidential way and often goes unseen. Please be assured that in each and every one of our schools we aim to track and support our families in this very challenging time. If you know of a family that may need some extra help, with food, money or general support, please do contact us at and we will either make contact with the family rapidly, or assure you that they are already working with them. Naturally, confidentiality is key and we will not be able to share any details of our work with other families.


Friend Zoom

I have heard of some wonderful examples of friendship and class groups coming together on ‘zoom’ for a shared playtime or chat. As a school we would have many GDPR hurdles to cross to organise this, but I share it as an idea for families to organise independently. Please do ensure that you maintain your very high standards of safety vigilance whilst your child is accessing any platforms. It’s so wonderful when the children can reach out and talk to whole virtual rooms of their friends. Thank you to the parents who are making this work.


Rainbow Thoughts…

Just to bring a little light into our lives at this dark time, we are encouraging all children to draw a rainbow in order to focus our thoughts on staying strong, staying positive and thanking all NHS and keyworkers. If your child has completed one, please scan or photograph it and email it, along with their first name only and class to the following address We will upload all of the pictures to our new Partnership Learning Platform. Thank you so much.


Finally, I know how challenging it can be to keep children amused, happy and well over a period of weeks. Thank you for staying safe, staying at home and protecting the NHS. We are working to provide the best eLearning solution we can in a very testing time. We are working on ideas for transition, including new YR entrants through Years 1 – 5, to Y6 leaving. The children sit at the very centre of this and provision has been a key focus over the past weeks.


We thank you for keeping your children home, protecting the NHS and saving lives.  We continue to think of you all and your families and hope everyone stays healthy and safe.


Yours sincerely




Gerida Montague

Executive Headteacher