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Hillier Garden Centre

Hillier’s Trip – Year 1


Year 1 have been on a trip to Hillier’s Garden Centre to learn about trees and plants. We took part in a plant hunt and recorded whether the plants had buds, leaves or flowers.


Then we visited the beautiful herb garden and learnt about the different types of herbs being grown. Everybody enjoyed taking part in the life cycle of a plant activity. We pretended to be seedlings growing into plants and then flowering. Mati was our bee and buzzed around pollinating everyone.


Our favourite game was learning about how seeds don’t all grow into flowers because they can become damaged or destroyed. Now we know why plants need to make so many seeds. Finally, we walked around the gardens learning the names of lots of new flowers before making a colourful flower sculpture.


It was beautiful sunny day and we learnt a lot and had a wonderful time. Thanks to everyone at Hillier’s for making our trip so interesting.