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Nursery Blog – Autumn 1, week 5

The children in nursery have been busy settling in and getting to know each other this month, as we have welcomed many new friends. We have been having a lot of fun exploring the indoor nursery environment. We have made our own playdough and created a variety of masterpieces using paint, glue, tape and collage materials.


Also, we love to explore the outside nursery environment, especially the sand and water. We are so happy that the big sand pit is open again. Sometimes we are so sandy it looks like we have visited the beach!


Every day we take part in ‘team time’ activities. This is when the grown-ups encourage us to take part in an activity where we can learn new skills and vocabulary. Can you guess what we are doing from the pictures?


We are still working on our tidying up skills at the moment! 

As well as lots of learning and playing, we enjoy visiting the cafe for some tasty fruit, toast, cereal or crackers. We recommend trying bananas on toast or crackers, it's yummy!