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What has happened in Nursery that has made December so special to us?


During the month of December the Nursery turns into a Christmas wonderland with trees to decorate, stories to read, Christmas rhymes to learn and of course the special cards to make.


We really enjoy decorating our Christmas trees each day, using the tinsel and baubles the Nursery adults provide. Each day the tree looks different but don’t worry grown ups… the Nursery trees are incredibly special! The children are aware that trees at home are for grown ups to touch and our trees can only be touched by our children and the Nursery adults, as they are super magical!


This year, we have explored different ways to use glue; we dribbled the glue, blobbed the glue and spread the glue. We of course added sparkles and eco friendly glitter to create our special masterpiece Christmas cards. This process took a great length of time and each card is made with alot of love and a lot of sparkle!


Nursery has been trying to learn new Christmas rhymes and have listened to the Christmas nativity story. We all really love being able to join in with repeated refrains and actions. We even made jingle shakers to accompany our rhymes. We can play these loudly or quietly depending on the rhyme. We hope you enjoy these once they reach home. We can’t wait to show you how we use them and tell you all about how we made them! We are so musical!


During December we had a try at yoga using cosmic kids, we are now soap-a-heros! Please ask your child about the 6 stage hand wash and dance. You can find our soap-a-hero washing dance here for all the family!


During our hall time we have been practising our groovy moves ready for party day. We also used our imagination to pretend that we were Santa and Rudolf in the sleigh. We took it in turn and galloped around the hall singing jingle bells. This was great fun!


We have been developing our mark making skills through our special cards. We have also practised our number recognition and awareness of this through our Christmas related team time activities. We even have an advent calendar with our Christmas faces inside. “It's so funny to see our friends' Christmas selfies!”.


Nursery really loves Christmas!