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Portchester Castle

Year 1 went on a school trip to Portchester Castle in order to prepare us for our Autumn 2 history topic.


We really enjoyed our time there learning about the castle and the lives of the people who lived there.

We learned about the importance of the king and queen and dressed up as them. Some of us took the role of castle guards and others pretended to be the everyday people who lived within the castle walls. It was a wonderful experience exploring the castle and learning about its defences.

We learnt new words like Portcullis for the huge metal spikes that protected the castle gates. Standing on the drawbridge above the moat was thrilling and we felt like we had been transported back in time.

Inside the keep was an amazing spiral staircase made of stone which took us up towards the roof where the king and queens quarters would have been. In the courtyard we held a long bow and saw some real arrow heads.
We loved dancing like the people would have done in the olden days and we were proud to be congratulated on our good manners.


It was a great day and we can’t wait for our next school trip.