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School Elections

At school today, we held a speaking and listening morning, allowing us to vote for our new school council.


Each house formed a 'party', and created their own name and rosette to represent their house. 

Each party debated together the areas they felt were best for school council to focus on.  Each party then picked five areas to form their party manifesto.


Each party wore their rosettes, and pitched their manifesto to the rest of the class, discussing the issues they felt were important for school council to address. The class then asked questions to each party to answer.


Then, each individual in the class used their group manifesto to create an individual speech, to pitch as to why why they would be school councillor. Everyone presented their speech to their classmates, and answered questions from the audience. 


Finally, all class members voted using their poll card, into the ballot box! 

We are pleased to announce that next year's school council will be:


Y1: Mia and Harrison

Y2: Mara and Mati

Y3: Lara and Ethan

Y4: Flora and Jacob B

Y5: Caitlyn and Theo

Y6: Beth and Ryan


Chair: Nissi