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Southampton City Farm

Wonderful news.

Sinclair Primary School has adopted a Shetland sheep.


Across the Partnership schools of Sinclair Primary, Holy Family Primary and Mansel Park Primary we have raised a total of £475 for Southampton City Farm.

At the Southampton City Farm they are striving to support social enterprise where people from a wide range of backgrounds can undertake meaningful work in a safe environment, which nurtures a good sense of well being.

They provide voluntary opportunities for children and adults on our community farm in animal care, maintenance, horticultural & conservation work. They also offer education for schools in animal care and gardening, and host children's activities during most school holidays.

Their aim is to give anyone who wishes to be involved in these types of activities the chance to do so, developing self confidence and positive self esteem through achievement.


The Farm is open to the general public every Saturday & Sunday. Opening times are 10am-4pm BST 10am-3pm BWT.