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The school and the environment

We are dedicated as a school to positively impacting our environment.


This year, our year six school councillors travelled to meet with the other school councillor representatives at our partnership schools where we held a mini COP 22, while here we completed an environmental action review looking at the things we do to look after the school and the environment and things we could improve. From this we constructed an action plan that showed our actions that we wanted to take this year.  During the year we have planned a range of activities such as: Earth Day, Charity support, Eat them to Defeat them, creating are our bird feeders, planting fruit and veg to eat with lunch and a variety of tree planting. You can see our efforts visually in school on our eco-board behind Mr Pallet's classroom!

Did you know adults in our school have also enjoyed the harvest from our school grounds too! Mrs Bell has been busy baking cakes and collecting fruit from our trees. If you haven’t spotted them already, can you spot them on your way round to walking to and from our Nursery?

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded an Eco green flag for all our hard work that we have been doing to make our school more eco-conscious.


Here is the feedback we received based on the work we have done this academic year:

We love your democratic and fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members. It’s great to see that other pupils played a part in selections. We love how pupils across a broad age spectrum are represented on your Eco-Committee. It's clear that you've done some amazing Eco-Schools work this academic year,

It was great to read how your Environmental Review provided the basis for the projects in your Action Plan. It demonstrates a reflective and considered approach to your Eco-Schools work. We thought that your idea to record the thoughts and ideas of your Y6 pupils to feed back to the rest of the school was terrific!

Your action plan is great! The actions that you planned out were really SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Bound). This is important as it helps to achieve progress and empower your Eco-Committee.

It is clear that, as a school, you have whole-heartedly embraced environmentalism as a core tenet of your curriculum and have made a concerted effort, through taking part in initiatives such as Earth Day and Ocean Day, to ensure that this is upheld in the long-term. Your curriculum activities show careful consideration of what is appropriate for each year group and are pitched perfectly to engage and inspire. Fantastic work! You've clearly looked externally and engaged with numerous campaigns, people and organisations. What’s most impressive is how your Eco-Committee has ingrained practices, such as the weekly video recordings, which ensure that the school and wider community are proactively and consistently informed about and involved in your Eco-Schools work. This approach is further reflected in your wonderful Eco-Board, which is engaging, informative and does a fantastic job of celebrating your eco-journey and successes so far.

We love how your Eco-Code is a collaborative piece of work that pupils across the whole school had the opportunity to contribute to. This inclusive approach will ensure that pupils feel a strong sense of solidarity and responsibility for upholding your pledges. What stands out from your application is the way your pupils have been inspired to independently take on responsibility for bringing about positive change. This is no doubt testament to how you have put your young people at the heart of the Eco-Schools programme and empowered them through the provision of a meaningful and relevant eco-curriculum. This must be an immense source of pride for you all. Congratulations to everyone for the amazing work you have managed to do this year, earning your Green Flag accreditation!