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Y2 Rainforest trip

Year 2 have been on a trip to Marwell Zoo and visited the Tropical
House. Our fun science topic this half term is Rainforests so we
were able to share our knowledge with the Marwell zoo teachers.
We learnt about different animals that inhabit the rainforest and
we discovered that plants in the rainforest have different shape
and size leaves. The leaf shape serves a specific purpose which
helps the plant survive in this hot and wet environment. After our
workshop we had a chance to hold a giant stick insect and touch a
Royal Python. After our fabulous lesson we took the opportunity
to explore the zoo and see some of our favourite animals. Seeing
the sloth in the tropical house was a stand out moment for
everybody. The sun shone and a fabulous day was had by all. We
certainly can back with a richer understanding of the worlds