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Welcome to our update! We sure have a lot to update you on as we have been busy working hard since joining Year 4! We have been working on rounding in maths our lessons. We have rounded to the nearest 10 and 100 and 1,000. We have used the rhyme ‘5 or above, give it a shove. 4 or below let it go.’ to help us remember the rule when rounding to the nearest 10. We then used this to help us round to the nearest 100 where we changed the rule to ’50 or above, give it a shove. 49 or below, let it go.’ When we were ready to round to the nearest 1,000 we changed the rule again to ‘ 500 or above, give it a shove. 499 or below, let it go.’

In English last term, we read 'My Brother is a Superhero'. We enjoyed reading extracts from the book and acting out freeze frames to really develop an understanding of how different characters in the text are feeling during the same event. We focused on using superlatives to describe Star Lad (the hero of the story) in the most positive way possible and 'imagine 3' sentences to describe how wonderful and lucky the citizens in the town are now that they have this fantastic superhero protecting them. We also focused on using ‘show not tell’ and fronted adverbials to describe a characters actions rather than use emotion words and add more interesting information into our sentences.

We learnt an impressive amount about the Romans too! We learnt about Emperor Claudius and the decision he had to make about whether to invade Britain or not. We learnt about different reasons for and against invading Britain and had to pretend that we were one of Emperor Claudius senators and we had to explain our opinion about this decision. We learnt about Boudicca and her fierce rebellion against the Roman army. We thought about how Roman soldiers would feel fighting her in battle but we also thought about how the Iceni tribe people felt about her. We ended that lesson by making our own personal decisions about whether she was a hero or a villain of her time.

One of our favourite foundation subjects throughout Year 4 so far has been DT because we have been using our science knowledge about electricity to develop a circuit trap for Santa. We learnt about series and parallel circuits and how to make a light bulb work in both of these circuits. Then we learnt about push to break and push to make switches. We then made our own versions of these switches and used them in our circuits. Finally, we planned our own houses with traps inside that used both types of switches and we enjoyed making our own!

At the end of the day, we love sharing our class books. Throughout Autumn term we shared The Night Bus Hero. We enjoyed being introduced to Hector (the main character) and his family and school friends. We thought that Hector had been making some questionable choices and we were hopeful that his behaviour changed throughout the story.

We can’t wait to tell you more about what we have been up to in Spring term soon!