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We have had a fantastic week here in Year 2 with all sorts of exciting things going on. We started the week learning about people that are less fortunate than us and who struggle to find safe havens miles away from their homes.  We are supporting the plight of refugees by putting out hearts and souls into welcoming them into our schools.

On Monday, we learnt about the difficult journeys refugees undertake.  We were so excited to hear about our school project to design footprints for a whole school display, to show our support and understanding.  We will be pledging our support by walking 1km around the school grounds, which we know is a fraction of the distance some children have to endure.

Our writing this week has focused on villains. We have delved into the fictional world of characters that disgust and intrigue us in equal measure. They are bought to life vividly by authors such as Roald Dahl and David Walliams. These dastardly individuals have fired up our imaginations and helped us create our own character descriptions. Our goal is, to disgust and scare Mr Pallett, so he has sleepless nights thinking about our sinister characters. So far, so good!

The creativity hasn’t stopped with English, as in Art we have begun to hone our painting skills by exploring the different marks various paint brushes can produce. In science we are learning about living things and their habitats.

 Ask us about the Arctic and we will explain to you about the climate, animals that live there and reasons they are able to survive in such an unhospitable place. 

We had great fun working together as research scientists to produce fact files about the wonders of the Polar Regions. A place very close to our hearts, after learning on ‘Eco-Day’, the dangers the animals that live there currently face.

Finally, we marked the end of the week with donations to the Royal British Legion. We wore our poppies with pride and observed a 2 minute silence impeccably, recognising the gallant soldiers who have given their lives to enable us to flourish, learn and come together as one.

Please keep an eye out for our next update!