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Year 2 Visit to Beaulieu

During the first Spring Term Year two were incredibly lucky to be able to visit the beautiful Palace House, it’s gardens and of course the fascinating Beaulieu Motor Museum.


Dressed as Victorian school children for the day the children were plunged back in time as we entered Palace House. “Children should be seen not heard in Victorian times” rang a strict voice upon entry. The boys weren’t the least bit impressed as they always had to line up behind the girls. During our time in Palace House we learnt about Lord Montagu and his family. Did you know that in Victorian time’s children left school at 10 to work? We were introduced to the jobs of a Footman and a house maid which were commonly carried out by children.


After this we were shown around the Palace gardens by Lady Maria. She introduced us to the wide variety of crops and plants that are grown there. We also visited the Motor Museum where we had great fun wandering around the cars. We went on the ‘Wheels’ ride which took us back in time and guided us through the evolution of the modern car.”