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Year 3 Blog

Year 3 have been fantastic by starting the New Year with a brilliant attitude and excited to do lots of new learning. Here are the different subjects and topics we have been learning so far.


Our History Learning

The children have been thrilled to learn about Ancient Egypt, which is Mrs Morgan’s favourite history topic! They have enjoyed looking at different images that show what civilisation was like at this time. They are looking forward to learning all about the pyramids and the process on how they were mummified! Here are some of the questions the children had at the start of the topic:


“What was the reason they built the pyramids and sphinx?

“How did they get food in a desert?”

“How did they create mummies?”

“Do they worship God's? Are they similar or different to the ones we have learnt about already?”


Our Science Learning

The children have had a brilliant time learning about magnets and how they attract and repel different objects. They have taken part in a range of experiments and explored them in groups to help build our understanding in a proactive and engaging way. We will, by the end of term, design and create a game that involves using magnets to help apply their learning into a new context! Here are some quotes the children have said about their learning in Science:


“I love experimenting with the magnets. I enjoy looking at the strength they have - It makes learning fun!” Marta

“I enjoy learning about magnets and how they attract and repel” Charlotte

“I love seeing our results and then trying to understand how they may or may not match with our predictions and why that is” Josie


Our D.T Learning

Mrs Morgan has enjoyed to watching the children growing in maturity this year, particularly with their questions around safety and handling tools, within their D.T lessons. The children are focusing on building a free-standing picture frame which involves a lot of new learning and developing of particular skills. The children have explored ways to make objects free-standing; whilst practicing how to measure, cut and join wood together in preparation for their final design. Mrs Morgan is so proud of how responsible they were when sawing the wood. The children are all looking forwards to creating their designs and producing their final outcomes.


Our Maths Learning

The children have been learning all about money; exploring lots of different ways to count and make different amounts of money. They have been applying our prior learning of column addition and subtraction to help us solve these problems. They have recently moved onto a new topic on fractions. The children have shown resilience in their lessons every day and are taking pride with their individual achievements. They will continue to build upon on learning further by thinking about how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. They have applied this learning to their problem solving by understanding how to use bar models to represent different fractions. They have used the visual concept of pizza and pepperonis to explore fractions of amounts to help build their understanding and their confidence.


Our Writing Learning


The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl, in particular focusing on the characterisation of the three farmers: Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Their final outcome was to create a farmer of their own and write a character description. They have built upon our previous skills on applying subordinating conjunctions and subordinate clauses to improve the quality of their sentences. They have also thought tactfully about the placement and selection of adjectives, similes and metaphors, to help structure their character in the reader’s imagination. Their main aim has been to create a character that makes the reader feel scared or disgusted!


Later this half term, they are continuing to develop a deeper understanding of characterisation within ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ with our next writing unit. Their intention will be to create blogs from the different character’s perspectives. Mrs Morgan is very excited to see what the children produce!