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Year 4 Beauleu Residetial

Here are some photos of our adventures down on the farm where we:

  • We made friends with a calf called Licorice. She was very pretty (but noisy!)
  • There was also a male turkey (a stag), who liked to shoo us away from his hen!  
  • We were able to stroke and feed the male goats.  Later we tried milking the females.
  • On the second evening, we had a visit from Paul, Lord Montagu's falconer, who brought some of his birds to show us.  We learnt that a peregrine falcon could dive at over 200 m.p.h. We also loved seeing his long-eared owl. 
  • On each group's first evening, we learnt the different ways to start a campfire.  We sang silly songs and ate marshmallows which we had toasted over the flames - Mmmm!
  •  One of the duties we had to do was sweeping out the pigsty for the piglets.  We also had to give them their food. Another of our jobs was to feed the chickens and to check in the special boxes to see if they had laid any eggs.  The eggs were used in the kitchens to make our meals.