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Year 4 Nuffield Theatre

At the end of June, Year 4 went to see Lewis Gibson's 'The Day I Fell Into A Book' at the NST Theatre. Using sound, intimate lighting and projection, the performance took its audience into a lost world of classic tales. Bit by bit, the fiction became reality as the stories seeped into the room and everyone's imaginations took over.


"Wednesday was the best day of my life! It was so exciting at the theatre, we had our own chairs, lights and book! At the end, the man appeared inside the book, and drowned... but he came back to life with seaweed and fish on him! The book also caught fire! It was a science experiment in a play!" Niamh Y4


"Wednesday's school trip was the best. Books came alive and the play used special sound effects, which were really loud! There were special effects like flashing lights too. I loved having my own book, lamp and chair but my favourite part was when the book was sealed and shut, but then a spark of fire came out!" Layla Y4