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Year 5 blog

Year 5 blog

In Year 5, we love reading.  We are hooked on our class book, “The Boy at the Back of the Class” by Onjali Q Rauf.  We’ve been exploring and discussing the themes of the story: friendship, bullying and refugees.

Our librarians have also been busy in the library: ensuring that we have all the books we’d like in our school library.  We have also been preparing for new children who have arrived in our school. We always like to know who will be joining our school family and we love to prepare their library information to ensure that they can access books they love quickly when they arrive. Our library is such a calming, peaceful space and we know that all the children across our school enjoy finding new and favourite books in there with their friends.

We have been learning about what life was like for children in Victorian times.  Last week, we role played a Victorian school so we could experience similarities and differences.  We were shocked to hear that they separated children in the class by gender and they were expected to behave differently depending on their gender! Did you know boys had to sit separately from the girls and all children had to stand when talking to an adult? Mrs McNee had to be very strict and we reflected on what we appreciate about our own school and the time that we live in now.  We loved playing games like hopscotch, skipping and hoops on the playground during our Victorian themed playtime. We decided that some of these games we could play independently in our playtimes together.

In Writing, we have just published a recount of an adventurer flying across Alaska!  It is based on the novel “The way of the Wolf” by Bear Grylls.  We enjoyed including descriptions that suggested the speaker was excited and in awe of his surroundings.  We then used our authorial skills to change the mood of the piece and add some unexpected tension.  We are extremely proud of our work.

In Maths, we have been working hard on our times tables and this is evidenced by the increasingly high scores we are getting in our weekly times table tests. We always aim to improve our speed and accuracy

In Art, we have been looking at the work of Pablo Picasso and comparing it to the work of Andy Warhol.  We have enjoyed creating our own work based on the art of Picasso and we are now looking forward to merging the two artists’ work in order to create our own original pieces.

This term we have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in our eco work within our school grounds.  We all enjoyed the muddy experience and are looking forward to watching the school grounds develop over the next few years!