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Year 6 Residential

What an incredible week we have had!
We have enjoyed high ropes and assault courses. We have been using our team work skills but also needed a hand from each other to give us a boost! Surfing was a strong favourite of ours and we thoroughly enjoyed all of our activities. 

Mr Walker has been singing our praises - communication and team work being a key skill we've showcased well! We have enjoyed a very active week, so much so we all fell asleep very quickly ready for our new adventure ahead of us the next day! 

We really enjoyed the food at Skern and looked forward to a variety of choices daily, including breakfast!


From rafting to kayaking, we've spent a lot of time in the water developing skills that some of us hadn't even tried before! Defeating our ' inner chimp' and believing in ourselves, encouraging each other to overcome fears and obstacles in order to feel empowered with our own abilities.


A fabulous week for all of us. We've really enjoyed sharing our stories about the beach visits, crabbing in the evenings, enjoying the marshmallows around the campfires and telling our families this weekend all about some of our greatest experiences. We can't wait to share our adventures with the rest of the school this week. 

A fantastic way to celebrate a brilliant year and our time at Sinclair. 


From all of the Year 6 Skern team