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Year R Blog

In Year R we have been very busy learning lots and remembering our routines for the day. Within English we have begun to understand family trees. We have enjoyed comparing and celebrating differences within our families and how this makes our families special to us.


During Maths, we have been practicing matching quantities to amounts. We have been using visuals to count. We particularly enjoyed using the dice and dominoes when applying our counting as part of a matching activity. We also explored natural objects and counted with them independently. We can touch count and add more to an amount and recognise the new number we have made, when working as part of a team. We have begun to apply this skill during busy bee when we require a tool for an idea that we have!


In Year R this term we have been learning all about Castles! We have designed our own castles and have begun to construct them. We are incredibly proud of our learning so far, especially working together as a cooperative team. We have been recognising the features of castles compared to other buildings we recognise. We have learnt about the moat, drawbridge and the keep!


“My castle has two towers!” Olivia remarked.

“I only have towers.” Frank explained.

“I have a garden in mine!” Porcha


 We have also used our Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design skills in our ‘Busy Bee’ child-initiated learning time. We have been learning about the different customs and routines within Chinese New Year and how the home is prepared. We have been preparing for this in our home role play area. We were particularly excited about learning what chopsticks are used for!


We have discussed the similarities and differences between our New Year and Chinese New Year. We liked that they wish each other luck as part of Chinese New Year. We discussed wishes that we had for the New Year for ourselves and others.


Mrs Wills could hear lots of children enjoying their food and sitting together as a family in the role play area. We discussed the similarities of celebrations and recognised that family is a key part in special events in our lives.      


We can’t wait to learn more next week and apply it in a variety of different ways!