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Sinclair Nursery

Sinclair Nursery Re-opens on Thursday 3rd September, we are looking forward to welcoming our children and families.

Sinclair Nursery transition video

Sinclair Primary and Nursery Tour

Meet the Nursery Team


Nursery Manager - Sam Deacon

Nursery Support - Becky Sturgess

Nursery Support - Kluska Lyons

Nursery Support - Joe Bascombe

Nursery Support - Lisa D'souza



For access to the partnership Learning Platform and resources tailored for nursery Girls & Boys and their grown-ups.


Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during coronavirus (COVID-19)


Advice for parents and carers of children who have not yet started school.

Useful advice for parents




We believe that the best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children.


We recognise that children are whole people who have feelings, ideas and relationships with others. They need to be physically, mentally, morally and spiritually healthy…

Initial Enquiry Form - please download the form, complete, and either email or drop in to the school office

At Sinclair Nursery we pride ourselves that your children will be nurtured in a stimulating environment, with an amazing team of qualified Nursery Staff, led by an Outstanding Teacher.



At Sinclair Nursery there are Wellies and Woods, what do we wear?



At Sinclair Nursery there are Sea Creatures to create magical adventures


At Sinclair Nursery we have pressing engagements with a rolling pin



Blue Sky thinking at Sinclair Nursery is always encouraged…



…but sometimes, at Sinclair Nursery, everything just needs to be painted your favourite colour